Join us

Join us

We are an inclusive society made up of students, adults, families with children – we welcome members of all ages & backgrounds!

We can teach you combat with a variety of weapons, starting with sword & shield. While medieval re-enactment is a contact sport, training safely is key and we can provide safety kit and lend you authentic clothes for your first year of membership as well as advising on where to buy kit or how to make your own.

Not interested in fighting? No problem. We also research and teach Living History skills, bringing the crafts of the past into the 21st century. These include clothes making, authentic writing, embroidery, maille making, cooking and leatherwork to name a few.

We are a friendly bunch and often organise group social events both within our regional groups and as a society, going on trips to the pub, cinema and historical locations.

Want to join? Send an email to or send us a message via Facebook and we will be able to give you more instructions on how to join. We can then arrange for you to attend one of our training sessions or your first show.