Living history

Living history

At multi-day events we typically erect an authentic medieval encampment which we inhabit for the duration of the show. Within the camp, we bring history to life through the use of living history displays. Our members carry out activities that would have been done during the period as faithfully as possible, with a strict commitment to authenticity.

The activities we can offer include, but are not limited to, the following:


We utilise authentic ingredients and food processing and preparation techniques to cook a truly medieval lunch! You're likely to catch someone churning butter, stirring the cauldron, and grinding up some ingredients around the camp.


Members often pass the time by playing period games passed down through the generations. Fancy a game of Nine men's morris? You'll probably find a pair or two locked in an intense game somewhere around the camp. Keep your eyes peeled for gamblers, especially around the dice games!


Our membership has a vast skillset which we utilise to put on engaging and educational period crafting displays. Take a walk through our camp and you could come across period weaving, embroidering, sewing, scribing, and dyeing. You might also catch us chopping firewood, mending armour, maintaining our weapons on the whetstone, leatherworking, or wood working.

Acting displays

We love to get immersed in the action. Don't be surprised if you pass a few prisoners being guarded on your way in to the camp, keep your eye out for crafty salesmen peddling ancient relics, and feel free to listen-in if you hear the lord dispensing justice to some gamblers found in the camp. But don't worry, if you have any questions for our cast of colourful characters, just ask — our friendly living history participants are more than happy to answer your questions about what we do!